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Samriddhi enables organisations to unlock Sustainable Growth through enhancing People Capability; focussing on Instructional Design, User Experience and Organisation Development Interventions.

Our unique approach of placing robust, measurable business outcomes at the heart of our practice has helped create powerful, sustainable interventions for organisations.

We do this by designing bespoke solutions centered in your business landscape and act as long-term partners who's incentives are aligned to meeting your business goals. Read More..

What We Do

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Instructional Design

art of learner engagement
science of how the brain works

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Organisation Development

Take your organisation to the next growth orbit through sharp interventions

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User Experience

Interactions that drive Consumer, Customer and Employee Delight

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The Workforce Mash-up!

The unprecedented is happening. Workplaces today are seeing five generations together under one roof for the first time

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The Neuroscience of Leadership

Why the human brain likes stories?