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The age of (Just-in-Time) JIT Learning is here!

After hours of working on screen, would you like it if you had to attend a training program on videoconference?

Introducing JIT-L

Learning when you need it!

What Jit-L is Not!

It’s not necessarily microlearning

JIT-L can be an intensive learning course if that’s the need of the hour, or the time!

It’s not necessarily online

While most JIT-L will be delivered online to optimise the time constraints,nothing stops it from being a traditional classroom training or even a fancy resort-based workshop!

Why Jit_L

  • Aligned to the desired organisational results
  • Easily accessible
  • Appropriate to the objective and intended performance
  • Realistic and relevant
  • Tied to an overall learning/ performance strategy
  • Inherent value (WIIFM) is clear to the learner
  • Based on a single knowledge/ skill dimension
  • Focused
  • Creative, intriguing and inspirational
  • “Pull” based

So what Jit_L fits your needs

Sounds Interesting?

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