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Samriddhi enables organisations to unlock Sustainable Growth through enhancing People Capability; focussing on Instructional Design, User Experience and Organisation Development Interventions.

Our unique approach of placing robust, measurable business outcomes at the heart of our practice has helped create powerful, sustainable interventions for organisations.

We do this by designing bespoke solutions centered in your business landscape and act as long-term partners who's incentives are aligned to meeting your business goals. Read More..

What We Do

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Instructional Design

art of learner engagement
science of how the brain works

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Organisation Development

Take your organisation to the next growth orbit through sharp interventions

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User Experience

Interactions that drive Consumer, Customer and Employee Delight

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Vulnerability and trust

The choices we make to build strong workplace relationships

tennis player naomi osaka hitting a forehand in practice

Being Vulnerable

Saying I am weak, takes courage

building a design with different types of lego blocks

Putting Universal Design for Learning into Action

How the three brain networks make learning ‘stick’

Top-shot of a man lying on the floor

Universal Design for Learning: The history and the future

The future of learning is changing, and how!

Cover for the Cognitive Biases Primer presentation

Cognitive Biases Primer

Types, watch-outs and work-arounds!​

Cover image of the Certified Diversity Facilitator Event presentation

Celebrating work and diversity

Many miles to go; enjoying every success

Two persons in a video call

Making Virtual Performance Management count

One-on-one’s can be effective, even on a video call

Crashing Waves

Adapting GTM practice to the New Normal

We have had to adapt quickly to deal with the changes bought on by the pandemic

A child building a rocket ship with blocks

Usher in the era of Agility

2021 is the year of agility

A child building a rocket ship with blocks

Universal Design for Learning - An Introduction

Making learning design accessible to a diverse set of learners

view of lots of different types of people

Unconscious biases and the conundrums of parenting

Charity begins at home, but what about unconscious biases? This is me showing courage enough to look inside and reflect

Ants breaking down a bit piece of sugar

Bite-size your way to productivity

There is only one way to eat an elephant - a bite at a time - Desmond Tutu

a path lined by old and new trees

To New Beginnings

The learning paradigm of 2020s is changing, and how!

an unusually dressed job candidate

Of cultures and new hires

There’s a lot of talk about culture fit, when it comes to hiring for our teams.

brainstorming with coloured sticky notes

An introduction to Design Thinking

First thoughts on a much talked about subject of Design Thinking!