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Instructional Design

art of learner engagement
science of how the brain works

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What is Instructional Design

Instructional design is a proven process of developing and delivering learning content, experiences, assessments, and other solutions to drive acquisition and application of knowledge and skills.

The Addie Model

What is the Instructional Design Process

The ADDIE Model is the broad framework traditionally used by Instructional Designers. The five phases Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation are then adapted to the context and content of the business.

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What is the Purpose of Instructional Design

Good ID is not about taking your Powerpoint slides and simply adding pretty pictures and quizzes. It means building in the story that will take learners from wanting to be able to do something, to being able to do it, and proving that they can!

We apply the neuroscience of learning to make sure learning ‘sticks’!

Samriddhi brings to the table a powerful blend of functional expertise in learning theory seasoned with the experience of engaging learners for over 15 years from business leaders to line supervisors across Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Education, Healthcare and Technology Sectors.

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Learning Science Expertise

  • 54 Theories
  • 26 Models
  • 3 Objective Taxonomies
  • 18 Learning Domain Intricacies
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Seasoned with Experience

  • 10000+ Learners
  • 100+ Sessions
  • 40+ Organisations
  • 16 Formats